Sunday, June 17, 2012

Almost Summer

We are just a few days away from the Summer Solstice.  A month ago I posted a picture of the side garden taken early in the morning.  With similar weather conditions today, albeit much warmer, I took another photo of what the yard looks like now. 

Of course, that mess in the middle at the back of the yard is not mine.  It is a good example of what happens when you do not maintain an Austrian Pine.  It grows in the park behind my house, but grape vines, buckthorn, box elder and other weedy growth have strangled the life out of it.

I also had my first daylily open this morning.  It is the infamous 'Spanish Beauty' which pops up everywhere.  Years ago I planted several of these at Town Hall, but I have no idea if they are still growing there. 

And in my 'Year of the Hosta' quest, I am now watching the blooms appear, which I have totally ignored in the past.  So, here is H. 'Frances Williams' with her pretty white blooms.

Looks to be a good day to 'putter' in the garden.

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