Monday, February 6, 2012

Not so Super Sunday

Was I the only person not watching the Super Bowl yesterday?  Not only 'not watching', but not attending a party?  I don't think so, but who knows. 

I bet more people in this country know who played and won yesterday then know who their Congressman is.  I mean, here is a good example of our fellow citizens intelligence, as evidenced in this email attachment I received yesterday:

Jaywalking with Jay Leno

I spent the day doing laundry.  Not just any laundry.  I stripped my bed, washed everything, including the pillows, and rotated the mattress.  If it is going to look like Spring outside, I guess I will start my Spring cleaning.

Then I made a wonderful dinner with angel hair pasta, shrimp, green beans and a light lemon garlic sauce. 

I finished reading 'Catching Fire' and downloaded 'Mockingjay' onto my Kindle.  I read until it was time to watch 'Downton Abbey' on PBS.  This is well worth it just to see the performance by Maggie Smith.

I knew when the game was over because all of the players on Words with Friends were back making words. 

I never understand the compulsion of some folks to watch the Super Bowl and have parties when they have no interest in the game.  I'd much rather just get together to eat and talk.  Our family did this every Sunday when I was growing up.  We were always at someone's house. 

Do folks today need an excuse for socialization?  With our computers and phone and tablets making face-to-face less frequent, maybe we do.

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