Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Nothing to Curb Appeal

Last year one of my neighbor's asked me to help him fix up his front yard for a family gathering they were having.  We concentrated on the immediate front entry where shrubs and trees were over-grown.  We removed a yew and divided up the daylilies and hostas to fill in the bare areas.  He also cut down a dying white pine and removed some badly over-grown junipers in an area between our houses.  That area has been a bare canvas up until yesterday.

On Sunday, he and his wife purchased a Japanese maple for the area.  He asked me how and where to plant it so we got that accomplished before darkness came.

Yesterday, while I was in my yard planting more daylilies, he asked what else he needed to do to fix up the area.  Without purchasing one plant, we completed the groupings by dividing and transplanting flowers from my yard.  From nothing we finished with this:

That is my patio in the background, so I even get to see this from my kitchen windows.

Pumped up from our efforts, we started work on the other side of his house.  Once that it done, I'll take a final shot of our work.  A few hours, a little elbow grease and some creativity and Voila!, instant (almost) curb appeal.

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