Monday, July 18, 2011

Rain Anyone?

I am sitting here watching Doppler Radar and an approaching storm.  Now, we need rain, badly, but we do not need deep red on the radar screen.  Seems like every time we see that we get lots of wind, darkness, and two drops of rain. 

If you watch the interactive radar, you see storms approaching both from the northwest and the southwest and heading right for West Bloomfield.  I've moved the tomato plants closer to the garage and hope the wind gusts don't catch them.

I'd like a nice day of slow, steady rain.  Not a downpour that runs off the grass that is hard as cement.  And not so much that the ground can't absorb it. 

The backyard area where the sump pump drains has  been dry for weeks.  First too much water and now not enough.  Maybe I should have bought rain barrels to go with the new gutters.

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