Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I haven't blogged since June 24.  It seems a lifetime ago.  In truth, blogging takes time.  It isn't just enough to know what you want to say, but you have to make it understandable to the reader.  And while the spell check feature can find obvious errors, it misses words that are spelled right but used incorrectly and is worthless on syntax errors.

All that being said, I have had lots of thoughts running through my mind the past few weeks, but little incentive, or time, to sit down and put them 'pen to paper' or 'fingers to keyboard.'  So, I have missed commenting on events in the news. 

I missed both the Schwarzenegger divorce and 'Weinergate'.  I could care less about reports on either of these events.  Why is the public so overly fascinated and surprised by anything celebrities or politicians do?  Next!

The Township Board had two meetings to discuss a roundabout at Orchard Lake and Maple Roads.  They postponed a decision once and before the next meeting I sent them an email telling them how I felt.  Basically, tell the Road Commission we do not want or need any more roundabouts.  What a freakin' waste of money.  We are not going to receive $28 million dollars in benefits for the improvements they want to make.  We do not have $40 million in better roads from what they have already spent.  I did not watch the meeting and have no idea what they decided.  I figure that 'ignorance is bliss' in this matter.  But if they did decide to go ahead, I am sure there are some business owners in the area who had better start looking for a new location.

Today we had the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial.  I was in Costco when the verdict was read and everyone but me seemed to be astounded that she was found 'not guilty'.  I turned to the woman standing next to me who was aghast at the verdict and said 'Where was the proof of guilt?'  Everyone was saying she had gotten away with murder, but I read and saw the evidence submitted to the jurors and failed to see where she was guilty of murder.  Stupidity.  Lying.  Avoidance of facts.  Yes to those.  But proof of murder by Casey?  The discovery of a dead body does not make a conviction.  At least by my standards.

Both the prosecutor and defense took the media to task.  And yet, there were the hungry vultures clamoring to talk to the jurors.  I'd tell them to put their microphones where the sun don't shine, the same place the County can put their road money. 

Oh, there are many things I have not opined about.  Lucky you.  I've just been too busy with all my little projects to sit here at the computer.  And think.  And write. 

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