Friday, April 29, 2011

Playing Games at the Palace

You certainly can't blame newscasters for trying to come up with new and interesting facts about the Royal Couple.  Especially when everyone has been on TV for more than sixteen hours now.
But earlier this evening the BBC reported that the Royal Family is not allowed to play the game Monopoly.  I thought this was hilarious.  And I can fully understand.

According to Prince Andrew, the game got too vicious. 

Hey Sis, hear this?  Did you teach someone how to cheat?   Remember those long, long games when we had to put the board under the bed for the night?  And the next day questioning if all the money was there?

The only game I can remember being banned in our family was 'slap-jack'.  Some cousins were playing and one nearly had her ring finger broken with a rather vicious 'slap'.

My card game was more like pinochle or canasta.  My mother-in-law preferred playing cards for cash.  And she had a knack for winning.

But the great thing about hearing of the 'Monopoly' ban, was that the Royals play parlor games just like the rest of us.  I wonder if they do jig-saw puzzles too?

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