Friday, April 29, 2011

More about the Dress

It was a bit of a rush this morning.  I got up early, ate, watched the wedding and blogged.  I am sitting here now with a recap of the wedding on the telly.
I've also had a chance since this morning to look at some of the commentary, see the polls and read some blog comments.  When I blogged about the dress, I did not venture an opinion.  In truth, I thought it was spectacular and voted for 'gorgeous' on AOL. 

I still remember getting up 30 years ago to watch the wedding of Princess Diana.  When I saw the dress, I gasped and said it looked like a 'dress made by committee'.  While I did not get to travel to Grand Rapids to see it in person last year, I cannot imagine that it improved up close.  Years later, I would associate it with the "Seinfeld Puffy-shirt episode".  But the dress was the 'fairy-tale' dress many expected.
So, there was a very small percentage of viewers who did not like today's dress.  I'm OK with that.  I'm still in the huge majority on this one.
While getting ready to leave my house, I heard an interview with author Philippa Gregory.  (can you say 'meow'?)  Apparently, she had said earlier in the week that none of her friends were going to watch the wedding.  Who cares.  She also said that Kate's life would change and that her family would be shut out from the life of the newlyweds.  I hope she is wrong about that last part.  I find it hard to believe that William would allow that to happen after what he experienced with his mother.

Later that morning I was sitting in the hospital waiting to be taken to pre-op.  There were two American commentators making 'catty' comments about the hats.  One, wearing a hat too big for her head, said she hoped they would do away with the custom for this more modern couple.  Well, pomp and circumstance is what this monarchy is all about.  Without all the fuss, they are just another ordinary family.  The other reporter looked like she got dressed in the dark with a hat and dress that did not match. 

OK.  I am being really catty.  But I loved the hats and the matching outfits.  All I can say is this:  The Queen knows how to throw one heck of a party.  Hooray for the Kingdom.  I am sure we all wish them the best.

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