Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

With all the really important things to worry about, we also have the use of marijuana for chronic pain.  Looking at the pictures in today's paper of the people arrested , I wonder what type of chronic pain they are suffering from.  I have been dealing with a shoulder injury since May, 2009, but I would not consider getting high to make the pain less.  Tylenol and therapy will work just fine.

When I was in Montana on the vacation from H---, I read an article in the local paper about problems with Montana's law.  I wish I could find it on the web because it said that something like 25% of people under 40 in some Montana town are using medical marijuana.  I did Google 'Montana + marijuana' and found several interesting articles, including those that talk about efforts to change their current law.  One article from a Dakota paper, pointed out several informative details about Montana's law.

So, what I am thinking is that Montana is our fourth largest state, yet has less than one million residents.  So how about we fix up their law and let everyone with chronic pain, and the need to use medical marijuana, move to Montana.  Just a thought.

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