Thursday, July 1, 2010


There are not words to describe the beauty of Zion.  I really was not prepared for what I saw.  Standing in a canyon looking up at the cliff walls is a truly incredible experience. 

We head first to the Temple of Sinawava and I see hanging gardens - columbine and grasses growing out of the rocks.

We continue our walk along the Virgin River up toward The Narrows.  People walk in the icy waters and watch it flow over the rocks.

There is a peacefulness and serenity here that makes one want to stay.  Right up until the temperature soars above 90, we are out in the sun, and the inside of an air-conditioned building starts to sound very tempting.  We shuttle back to the Lodge for lunch and pass some interesting land forms.  Because we are between the Grand Canyon and Bryce in the staircase, we see elements of both rock formations from the other parks.

 After lunch we are possessed again and head off to the Emerald Pools.  We all agree that someone lied on the signs and that it is only one mile round trip as the crow flies.  (On further reflection with time-dated photos, the signs are probably correct.  It is probably the fear of falling over the side that makes it seem longer.)

We trudge on only to find that the 'emerald' is more 'muddy brown' today.  Big disappointment as we now have to make our way back along a cliffside trail with no barriers.  Back at the river, we see what could be called 'emerald'. (squint)  Hey, why did we walk all that way???

I met a woman who came to America from Australia 40 years ago.  She bought a round-trip ticket and never used the return portion.  Why would you if you could see this out of your bedroom window each morning?

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