Thursday, July 1, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I had a history teacher in High School who said that everyone hated the British.  That if you could choose a country to fight a war against, that everyone would choose Great Britian.  Of course, today that would be politically incorrect and no teacher would make that statement.  Nevertheless, having waited 38 years for a satisfactory inquiry into the Bloody Sunday Massacre, I am sure the Irish would agree.

 In 1998 Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Lord Saville to investigate the massacre that occurred in 1972 after a soldier came forward in a whistle-blower action.  The report from the Saville inquiry was issued while I was on vacation.  I am not sure how much play it got in the US media as I was truly out of touch while I was gone.

For anyone interested in seeing a docu-drama that shows events of that day pretty much as the inquiry has determined they occurred, I recommend 'Bloody Sunday' which was filmed in 2002.  While the Queen decorated the soldiers who took part in the massacre of unarmed civilians, I will not hold my breath waiting for a statement indicating she was wrong to do so.

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