Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Foggy Day

I was really looking forward to seeing the glaciers in Glacier National Park.  I had read all about how they were rapidly disappearing.  Many authors blame it on global warming.  Several people we talked to in the area, especially one 87-year old who had been climbing the glaciers over 50 years ago, pointed out that just like in the ice age of 10,000 years ago and the mini-ice age 5,000 years ago, the glaciers will all eventually disappear no matter what we do.  It makes sense when you think that West Bloomfield was formed from the glaciers and we exist in what on called a 'glacial moraine'.

So, camera ready, we took off on the 'jammer' bus to see the glaciers. HAH! Below are my photos from that morning.

6:42 AM (MDT)

8:53 AM


11:32 AM

My favorite:

12:04 PM

We can't even see past the road.

The next morning the fog and clouds lifted to provide good views from the porch of our lodge in the Many Glacier Valley.  Just in time to go home.

 5:43 AM

6:18 AM

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