Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

1.  If I Ruled the Airlines

I would guess that every third trip I make, I am chosen to be pulled out and scanned at security in the airport.  Usually this happens in Detroit, but not always.  Last week the zippers on my cargo pants set off the alarms.  I had to step aside and wait to be screened.  The full body search.  Do I look that dangerous?

I have set off alarms for buttons on my dress, my underwire bra, and mascara in my purse.  You think the system might be a little too sensitive? 

Since we all have to take off our shoes after the 'shoe bomber' incident, I am surprised that we are not all required to remove our pants along with our jackets after the moron who set his pants on fire.  Then again, I guess I was lucky to have kept my pants on during the screening last week.

As for the airlines, kudos to the TSA at McCarran.  Everyone one of them was pleasant and friendly.  Not so at McNamara.  You think it might be the weather?

2.  Where were the Fashion Police?

I do not normally spend much time 'people watching'.  Usually if I am out eating alone, I take a book along.  While having lunch in the MGM Grand in Vegas, I sat and watched the parade.  OMG. 

I wish I had one of those hidden cameras.  I mean, I could hardly sit and take pictures of the casino over and over again with my regular camera.  What a show!

What was the young man wearing the blue and white plaid shirt with the brown and white pinto pony shorts thinking when he got dressed?  Or was it because he'd had a really good time the night before?  Then there was the young girl (20ish), about a size 18, wearing bright yellow hot pants.  Really, no one needs to see butt cheeks like that, even at a pool.  Another had on white knit pants that were so tight you could see the cellulite dimples.  Some folks looked like they had gone dumpster diving for clothes.  Maybe they really did lose the shirts off their backs. 

BTW, we watched an Elvis video on the bus ride back into Vegas from Utah.  They were showing an early (read as 'censored') performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  We all laughed at Elvis's plaid jacket.  I asked if he had mugged a horse.  Then we noticed the polka-dot shirt that went along with it.  No idea what the pants looked like, stripes?  As I said, he was censored.  His clothes would have fit right in with this crowd.

3.  Look ma, no hands....

Last week I toured Grand Canyon, Montezuma's Castle, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon.  We were warned by our tour guide at each stop we made about the dangers of falling, dehydrating, suffering altitude sickness, etc.  So I had lots of questions as we went along.

What possesses parents to take children and babies under the age of four hiking in 90 degree plus heat at elevations exceeding 8000 feet?  And not hold their hands!  Allowing them to run on trails that do not always have barriers.  What are they thinking?

Then there were the women who were walking on rocks at Bryce and the Grand Canyon in their flip-flops on loose, sandstone trails.  And, if they wanted you to be out on that ledge, they probably would not have put up the fence.  Duh!  Here is a book that our tour guide recommended about deaths in the canyon.  I love the description as to why these disasters happen.

4.  Look out, I'm Comin' Through

Whoa!  What is this world coming to?  Who is raising our children?  While walking to the Zion Shuttle at one of the many stops, I was nearly run over by four teenage girls racing to get in front of me and my friend.  I made a loud comment to just push the seniors out of the way or knock them down.  It reminded me of the 'marble rye' episode on Seinfeld.  They must have been related to the young people sitting on the Grand Canyon shuttle and trying to cover up the sign that said Federal Law requires that the seats be vacated for seniors and the handicapped.  Well, not that day.

More on the trip and some of the gorgeous scenery when I get around to downloading my photos.

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