Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Days one and two

What's not to like about Las Vegas, except maybe the heat. Even dry, it is still pretty, darn hot. Beautiful scenery, lights, water everywhere, (they even mist the sidewalks), and entertainment.

I don't gamble, but I do sight-see.  And I could easily find myself in a food coma there with so many great places to eat.

After a very bumpy ride getting there, I was happy to be on solid ground, just relaxing.

So how did I spend my time when not vegetating?  Well, I rode the monorail (bottom of pic) down to MGM Grand since I had not been there before.  It was certainly too hot to walk anyplace.

I found the hotel to be very nice.  I spent some of my time at the CSI Experience.  It was a fun adventure, except for the two couples who were over-analyzing all the clues.  The cases were based on actual programs seen on TV.  I was successful despite having missed noticing a critical piece of evidence.

I also had to walk through the Grand Canal shops in the Venetian, my favorite hotel.  Who's to know you were not spending an evening walking in Venice?  And no pigeon poop!

Unfortunately, I had seen just about every interesting show or performer that was on the Sunday and Monday schedule.  So that meant I got to chill by the pool and wait for the real adventure to start on day three.  More tomorrow.

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