Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I admit it.  It is absolutely true.  I AM A LOSTIE (or is it LOSTY?).

I wasn't always one.  I saw the first two years on DVD.  Even seeing all the episodes back-to-back, I was still 'lost' when the third season started.  And I remain so.

I have all sorts of theories about what is going on, including my favorite:  The island is a Faraday cage, which is why one of the scientists on the show (who last night turned out to be a musician in a flash sideways) is named Daniel Faraday.   As you may have guessed, I have spent a lot of time on the internet researching character names and linking them to real folks in history.

Anywho.  One of my sons sent me a link to a blog by someone who never saw the first five seasons of "LOST".  It is an absolute riot.  Funny thing is, he knows about as much of what is going on as I do.

He has the right idea though.  He takes notes during the program.  Now, if I had started this way back when, I could just go back and read what was said or done to jog my brain.  Instead, I find myself calling other 'lostys' and asking if they remember something.  Memory alert:  No one remembers anything. 

We are in fact, all lost.  Maybe that will be what is revealed at the end of the series five weeks from now.   I can hardly wait.  If you are a 'losty', let me know and maybe we can get together with some Dharma leftovers and watch the end.  It is near.

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