Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Time is it? Really! My twice Yearly Rant.

I hate Daylight Savings Time.  To me, DST is a four-letter word.  It takes my body weeks to adjust and just when I am comfortable with it, it all gets changed back to Standard Time.  So, I guess it is not DST so much as fooling around with the clocks, period.

I have always wondered why the USA has four different time zones anyway.  We no longer travel by train, we fly in most cases.  I can fly to Chicago in one hour and gain it back when I get there.  What for?

Just having two times zones separated by the Mississippi seems to make more sense to me.  Way back when I was working for the City of Detroit, this subject came up in the women's locker room.  I was advocating one time zone for the entire country.  One of my co-workers objected and said that she couldn't eat lunch unless the sun was overhead and it was noon.  I won't even get in to how ridiculous the statement is, but I know lots of people whose lives are tied to a clock 24/7/365, and not always out of necessity.

If you live in this area and look outside in the summer right at noon, you will not see the sun directly overhead.  Why can't we just adjust our school and work schedules to reflect the daylight hours instead of being slaves to a clock?

It is not just since I retired that I feel this way, it goes way back.  I like to wake up when the sun comes up and go to bed whenever I get tired.  The last three days have been hell.  Thank goodness that I have no morning appointments this week.  I have until the 26th of the month to get my body used to this.  When November comes I can go through the agony all over again.

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