Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1 Already

Where did this year go?  I am putting my garden to bed already.  Here are some pics from the last two weeks of fall activity.

A late blooming groundcover sedum:

Oakleaf hydrangea starting to turn:
Berries on a burning bush:
The view of trees from the front door:

We've had two morning frosts and many of the perennials have turned yellow.  I'll be busy cleaning them up today as the temps hit the 70's.  My yard is so wet during the winter that if I leave the dead leaves on the flowers I have an unbelievable mess in the spring.  Of course, no one told this rose bush that summer is over:

Twitter Update:  So, I posted this and went to Twitter and there it was.  So October 31 is not really October 31?  Who knows.  I'll keep checking.


  1. I know, this year has gone by incredibly fast. Nice roses.

  2. Such a pretty orange tree full of leaves. This year flew by!


  3. Nice pictures. I have no idea where this year went. It flew by

  4. I woke up this morning, thinking, "It's NOVEMBER!!!" It does seem crazy to me! I'm still stuck in October, loving fall.

  5. A weirdly warm fall we're having. Nice color on the Hydrangea.

  6. I just love your pics! The trees are so beautiful and I love the last roses of summer. We have roses also

  7. I do love the colors of autumn. 🍁🍂🎃🍎

  8. Lovely colors! Yikes... it's November? I guess it's time to take my Halloween decorations down.


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