Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Love for Kale

Do you like kale?  Have you even tasted it? 

If you already like this green, you will likely not agree with anything I am about to say.  But, in my own opinion, this is about the worst thing I have ever tasted that is green.  I dislike it more than bitter frisee, which I always pick out of my salad.

I had never tasted kale until a few years ago.  It was April 23, 2008 to be exact.  I was taking a culinary class where we made all sorts of salads.  I was working with two gentlemen and one of the salads we were assigned to make was a raw kale salad.

None of us had ever eaten it before.  We were given a list of ingredients to use and then we were to season it from choices of condiments, herbs, spices, etc. that were available.  What we each decided, and what we told our instructor, was that, in our opinion, nothing was going to make this stuff edible.

Here is a photo of our dish.  It looks good doesn't it?

It tasted awful to me, though I have to admit that others ate it and enjoyed the taste.
Today's edition of the Detroit News has a feature on kale.  They call it a 'superfood'.  It is all the rage.  They even supply a recipe for kale scones (gag).

Well, I feel about kale the way George Bush felt about broccoli.  I am not going to eat it.  You can tell me how good it is for me, but if I can't stand the taste, why am I punishing myself?  Yuck.

I have a page on Pinterest called 'Eat your Green Veggies'.  You can rest assured that there will be no kale recipes on that page, the salad page, or any other page for that matter.

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