Saturday, November 12, 2011

Speaking of Fashion

I am no clothes horse.  I am no fashion maven.  I have made my share of fashion faux pas that I dearly regret.  Sometimes even I wonder what I was thinking.

Fortunately, for me, no one is in the habit of following me around with a camera (though back in the early '90's the local paper reported on what all the Board members wore to a meeting.  Slow news day.)

So this morning, I log on to the computer and see this horrendous gray and black outfit that the
First Lady wore yesterday.  It looked like she had mugged my grandmother's old sofa. 

In the past I have received emails regarding the WalMart clothes.  It does not seem to get any better.  Another photo on the web this morning showed her wearing what appeared to be a black jumpsuit with a red and white striped top.  I imagine that someplace there is a mime wandering around wondering where his outfit went.

Are there no mirrors in the White House?

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