Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do You Chico?

Several years ago I was in Europe on a vacation to see the palaces of the Hapsburgs.  Here was a family that ruled for over 600 years until the start of World War I brought down their empire.

Anyway, that is just background for where I was.  Vienna.  Across the street from Schonbrunn Palace.

A woman comes up to me and points at my outfit and says 'Chico's'.  I laughed because everything I packed was Chico's Traveler's outfits and so was what she was wearing.  What is not to like about clothes that DO NOT wrinkle!

I have shopped there for quite some time.  I get coupons and 5% off, plus I always find stuff on sale.

When a birthday coupon came in the mail I told myself I needed nothing.  Which is very true.  But today I went walking in the mall, again.  I strolled into Chico's and there was this very nice looking pea coat.  I have a pea coat that I purchased in Australia way back in 2000.  It does not fit quite as nicely as it used to.

The store had everything 25% off, so I figured I would get the jacket and used my discount and coupon.  A good deal.  Or so I thought.

Actually, it was a good deal that got even better and surprised even the sales clerk.  The coat was on sale for 40% off.  And then another 20% off special.  Add the 5% discount and my $10 coupon and I bought the coat for $32.00.  How could I pass up this great deal?

So, I think I will pack the old coat in with the items I am donating to the Salvation Army.  I'll let someone else enjoy it.  And I am pretty sure I spent more than $32 when I bought it at the market in Melbourne. 

So, do you Chico?

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