Monday, July 18, 2011

And More Daylilies

If you garden much at all, you may have noticed that a lot of flowers look really pretty, but have no fragrance whatsoever.  I received a few comments this last month when my little leaf lindens were in bloom.  The sweet aroma perfumed the entire yard and people walking down the street wondered what the smell was.  Beautiful.

So, there I am in the yard trying to figure out how three different yellow daylilies are seemingly growing into one another when this powerful fragrance hits me.  I come inside to search the AHS database and find that a specimen that I thought was lost was blooming before my eyes.

The daylily is 'Circles'.  AHS calls it a very fragrant lemon yellow.  It is that.  The flowers are slightly larger than that described online, so I figured it was something else.  But it is the only thing that fits.

The more I research these flowers the more confusing it gets.  I've already changed the name of one I identified in an earlier posts.  The flower is bigger than described, but it fits another description.  This has finally been identified as Spanish Beauty.  Four years after the original post.

Of course, some of my issues arise from taking a picture in sunlight, which looks totally different than the flower looks when it is in shade.  I have charts now by color, flower size, scape size, etc.  Thank Microsoft for Excel!

All in all, I feel confident I am on the right path.  But, if there are any experts out there, give me a shout. 

I might even post all the varieties once I finally decide I've got it right.

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