Sunday, July 17, 2011

Every Day a Garden Adventure

I am sure many of you would never think that staying home can be an adventure, but, I have new surprises in my yard every day. 

This identifying of plants has become a nightmare in itself.  One day something looks like 'Green Glitter', the next like 'Chanute', so that now I think perhaps the two plants are growing next to each other and have merged into one.  And as I said before, does anyone else care?

Anyway, this morning I was up at 5:30 to start watering the beds.  As I was walking around the yard, doing some 'deadheading', I saw three new bloomers.

Bright Memories

Golden Prize (check out the deer netting), and

What I think may be 'Sing Holly', since I really have no idea and no online picture of this one.

Both of these last two will be moved as they are growing in the shade of a very large tree.  This time, they will be labeled.  I can only imagine the angst of a local grower who discovered that the hired help had thrown out all of the labels during clean-up. 

I sure hope my 'Empress Wu' hosta was labeled correctly.  It grows over four feet tall.  I've picked my spot and am waiting for a rainy day.

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