Friday, June 24, 2011

Lucy Who?

Last week when I was doing my volunteer work, a group of culinary students from Dorsey were taking a tour of the kitchen at HFH.  The Chef who was leading them around told them that our kitchen was not a production line like on 'I Love' Lucy'.   My co-worker Diane looked at the students and laughed, saying, 'Maybe he should tell them who Lucy is'.

Not know Lucy?  I grew up with her.  My parents bought their first TV in 1950 and the show premiered in 1951.  I've seen every episode.  Many times.  And I still laugh.  If you think that three of the food groups are bread, wine and chocolate, you can probably close your eyes and see Lucy stuffing her face with chocolates, stomping grapes and baking bread with too much yeast.  If you've never seen an episode (really?), you can see clips online.

There is only one other TV show that I can think of where I can still watch all the episodes and laugh at all the funny lines I've already heard.  Over and over again.  That show is 'Jerry Seinfeld.' 

I was such a big fan when it was on TV, that I had a party the night the last episode aired.  My oldest son was home from college and invited his friends to join us 'oldsters'.  We had Seinfeld snacks - Pez candy, soup, Jujubes, Junior mints, etc. - and played trivia games about the show.  The young men did not answer the question about being 'sponge worthy', though, pleading embarrassment.

I still watch reruns.  And like the Lucy show, I still laugh like I am seeing it for the first time, even when I can recite the lines along with the actors.  And if the show is not on and I have the urge to watch, I have DVDs.

Is there anyone who does not think these two shows are classic American TV comedy?  If so, how un-American, IMO.

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