Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Suggestion

You are reading my column and think to yourself, 'My, this woman really knows what she is talking about'.  (or not)  Well, here is a suggestion. 

Copy the link and send it on to your friends and relatives.  Let them share in the joy of this blog. 

I have one relative living in France, but have many other readers there.  He must be telling them about me since I have no idea why they read this.  And, I have almost twice as many hits in France as I do in Canada, where I have way more relatives.  (OTOH, I have no family still in Russia, that I know of, but have even more readers than I do in France.)

Anyway, share the wealth.  If you see something you think is of interest to someone you know, send it on.

If one person tells two people and those two tell two more and on and on....

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