Friday, April 1, 2011

Where to Start?

This morning's Detroit News has three stories beginning on the front page that are sure to give me an ulcer.

First are the Governor's proposed education cuts in the per pupil funding for local schools with a shift to higher education funding.  So let me ask you this?  If I am not doing an excellent job of educating my youngsters, how the hell are they going to get into college, let alone succeed?  How about this for a shift?  Let's take away that total dollar amount from corrections and spend it on education.  Seems like that is a better bang for the buck.

And speaking of education, the MEAP scores also have a story inside the paper.  Anyone of you look at the writing scores?  State-wide writing scores for seventh graders are at 47.8%.  And I wonder why so many bloggers and commenters cannot put a proper sentence together and spell the words right.  What good is it to have high scores in math and reading if you cannot put into writing what you know? 

Moving right along, another headline talks about another movie production locating elsewhere.  Way to go Governor.  Glad to see you are bringing so much business to Michigan.

Maybe this was the April Fool's edition of the paper and the real paper will come later this afternoon?

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