Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tempus Fugit

How in the world did it get to be December so fast?  Christmas is right around the corner.  Oh, I've got decorations up, all but the tree.  I've got my shopping mostly done except for the food.  But, why does time just seem to whiz right on by?

Maybe it has something to do with Thanksgiving coming so late in November?

Anyway, I have decided that this year I will not go on my usual cookie baking marathon.  I may make a batch of my lemon cooler cookies since they look like little snowballs and are very popular with my family.  And this year I plan to make little gingerbread cakes for my friends.

I've got my menu planned, but with Christmas being on a Friday, I'll not be able to make too much ahead of time.  Here is what I am currently planning on serving:

Polish Mushroom Soup
Baked Ham
Stuffed Cabbage with Sauerkraut and Mushrooms
Pierogies with Sour Cream
Peas and Carrots
Mizeria (cucumbers w sour cream and dill)
Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis

(For some reason, blogger is giving me a horrible time with formatting, even when I try to go into HTML.  ARRGGGHHH!)

My grandmother would have made roast chicken along with the ham, but we are a small group at Christmas and that would be food overload.  I have made Polish dinners for Easter, but never for Christmas.

I feel like I should be accomplishing more.  Then again, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how a large Santa just disappeared.  I've searched all over the basement, but he doesn't seem to be there.  He was here last year.  Did I accidentally grab the bag he was in thinking it was trash and throw it out?  I must be too busy!!!  Time for a cookie?  LOL.


  1. Yes...have a cookie...or 4:) I am still decorating. I have my garlands up, made my Advent Wreath which is hanging nicely in the Library and my Santa's are out. I decorated my kitchen light and have my grandmother's table cloth on. I still have to put up the Christmas village and Nativity scene which takes time because I build it up. Last comes the tree, wrapping, shopping and baking. I took this week off and glad I did this but I can't do as much as I did in years past because the pain gets too intense so I have to learn the art of taking breaks.

    1. Haven't put out the nativity set in many years. Will skip the village this year, again. Too tempting for little fingers. The tree will go up this weekend. Take care with the pain. Have had years when I did no decorating because of it.

  2. I am skipping decorating this year - not to be a Debbie Downer but this has been a stressful year for my family. We are being kind to yourselves - I wish you could come over and cook for us; I love every item on your menu. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. My father died suddenly on Christmas Eve 35 years ago. My baby was due on the 27th. If not for my children, I would have had a hard time decorating for several years afterwards.


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