Thursday, December 24, 2015

More Santas and Trees

Still waiting for Santa?  Here are more figures from my collection:

 These are child friendly and cuddly

On the tree

Snowshoeing Santa 

The Santa on the front door and another old fashioned Santa
My Hallmark ornament tree

A new tree for this year made from the leaves of the Narra tree in the Philippines.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh these are wonderful pictures! I love the one Santa in the back(top photo)-he looks like he just came from the bush:) I also love the white santa and the one at your front door-all are so great

    1. The Santa on the door was a decoration on a Christmas gift one year. Can't remember what the gift was, but I still have the Santa.

  2. Great Santas. The one in the second picture with the grey hat, looks like he is covered in soap suds.

  3. My favorite was the Snowshoe Santa - I enjoy unusual Santas (was a little surprised you had no Blue Santas). Also enjoyed the Hallmark tree and the pheasant ornament on it. Alana

    1. No blue cause I try to have a red and white theme. I love Hallmark ornaments.


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