Sunday, November 22, 2015

Walking in Winter

This post about winter and falls will be shorter than I anticipated, but I want to just deal with the snow fall we had yesterday, about 4-5 inches in my area.

Here is my drive and the walk I have to my mailbox down at the end of the drive.
Now that the sun is out the snow left on the drive will melt and, hopefully, the cement will dry off. But if it is wet and the snow or water refreezes, I have any icy trek.

I've been known to drive my garbage down to the street for pick-up rather than risk falling on ice. Last night I shoveled a path to the mailbox at 11 PM to get my mail.  Sometimes I have just left it in the box and then driven down the next day.  Did I say I have a fear of falling?

Last year I hired someone to clear the drive, but they did such a poor job that I will just go back to doing it myself.  I replaced my old 2-cycle snowblower with a new 4-cycle snow thrower last year and my drive was done in about 20 minutes.  Since I am holding onto the machine, I don't have too many concerns about falling when I am out there.

I bought new boots this year with more traction on  the soles.  Plus they are waterproof.  A friend of mine invested in cleats that attach to her boots.  As I well know, walking can be dangerous no matter what your age is.

I have to run out this afternoon to pick up the fresh turkey I ordered.  And I also have to bake my chiffon cakes for my Pumpkin Mousse Trifle.

I'll try to blog about dinner and being safe in winter, but who knows how much time I will have to sit at a computer.  Unless of course we all get snowed in.


  1. It looks like a pretty winter wonderland...sorry, but it does. We had 0 snow here. I would invest in cleats since some people and business don't even shovel their walks. Safety first

    1. I kept telling myself how pretty it was yesterday when it was snowing, lol.


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