Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sweetest Little Scarecrow

I posted the decorations at Greenfield Village and now here are some photos of my grandson at the event.

 Me and Charlie before we start the tour of the grounds.

Someone was super-excited to see all the folks dressed up for Halloween.

And he's off.  Mom made his costume.

Flirting with the witch.

 Checking out the other scarecrow.  That was a real person in the costume.

Don't you really wonder what is going on in their young minds?

I am going to run out and buy some Reese's.  Supposedly that is the number one candy choice, though I really don't care for them at all.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


  1. Lovely pix of Charlie the Scarecrow. Happy Hallowe'en to you too Denise.

  2. No grandchildren yet but this gave me a little pang for when my son was that age. We have a couple of pumpkin farms in the area that create "pumpkin people" and I miss visiting them. It just isn't the same without a young child. Alana

    1. I stopped putting up my big Christmas tree and when I found out a grandchild was coming I went out and bought a new one. Holidays are more fun with little ones around.

  3. Now he is a cutie and the last picture makes me wonder if he is not thinking about the meaning of life:) Very cute and sweet

    1. Meaning of life? Like dressing up and begging for candy? LOL

  4. He's probably thinking: why don't grownups have this much fun on the other days of the year?
    He does look cute. Lovely costume.
    Hope you guys had a great time.


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