Monday, August 31, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Where is the Rain?

A week ago they warned of heavy rain and damaging winds.  Well, it never happened in my garden. Saturday they again said we were to get rain.  Well, not enough to do much good.  And last night's thunderstorms never arrived.  With temps headed into the 80's it looks like I need to get out and set the hoses.

Not much happening in the garden this week, likely due to temps in the 50's overnight, cool days and no rain.  Here are this week's pics.  Welcome to my garden...entering from the south side pathway.
Green.  Lots of green right now.  Below is a picture of my Sweet Gum tree.  I am at the northern fringe for growing this tree and after two tough winters I was a little worried this spring when it took so long to leaf out.  Fortunately, it made it.  I am standing under the tree for the photo.  The tree has a variegated leaf which accounts for the shades of green.
And those cool temps are already causing the leaves to change color as seen on this double-file viburnum shrub
And this Katsura tree:
The only new flowers to begin blooming this week are the fall blooming sedums.  Here is Sedum Spectabile, just starting to show color.

The highlight right now is the Monarch butterfly enjoying the flowers:
On Joe Pye Weed above and on heliopsis below.

So, heading into the long holiday week-end, I leave you with a picture of the moon on Friday night.  I had wanted to do a comparison of the size of the moon between Friday and Saturday night, since on Saturday it was supposed to be 30% larger in size due to its closeness to the earth.  And then Saturday came and it was all cloud cover.  Oh, well.
Have a great week.


  1. That looks just like a witch flying past the moon. Lots of lovely greenery. Amazing how early the leaves are turning, never thought of it before but you must spend a lot of time raking leaves in the fall.

    1. I leave most of the leaves where they fall until spring. The ones on the lawn get shredded with the mower. They provide an cheap mulch for winter. You re right about the witch. I just saw it as the leaves of the tree.

  2. You need rain? I can send you some from FL. ;)

    Those are really neat pictures. I love the leaves changing colors. And the picture of the moon. It's beautiful and a bit eerie at the same time. I truly enjoy the pictures you share of your garden.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it. It has been interesting for me to follow what blooms each week, too. Having done this garden blog this year, I am really looking forward to next year in the garden.

  3. I love that moon shot! It is so spooky yet beautiful. My mom was not at all in good spirits on Saturday and now I believe it was due to the moon. Your flowers are lovely and love the butterfly with the bee. My hubby got a similar photo on our Butterfly bush. Now we are back up to 30 and I hate it.


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