Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Week Seven

I just realized that I cut my grass three times in the last ten days.  It rained all day yesterday and more is predicted for tomorrow.  Enough already!

Anyway, here is a sampling of what has been blooming, starting with an croton growing indoors.

Since the view into the back forty hasn't changed much this week, here is a pic of the other side of the fence.  This is the view from the gate and it faces the street at an angle.  It is all astilbe and a few hosta.
Street view:

Way back a gazillion years ago I started daisies from seed.  They are still growing.  I love them and have many plants.
The daylilies are just starting to bloom.  No way will the peak be the Fourth of July this year.  Here is 'Happy Returns'.
The Quick-Fire Hydrangea are opening.  These blooms will turn a rosy pink as the season goes on.
If you smelled something sweet and looked up you would have seen the lovely blooms of little-leaf linden.  Of course that means that eventually I have to deal with seed pods.  Frowny face.
The feather reed grass is blooming now.  I've added several grasses in the back corner where I cut down all the honeysuckle shrubs.  They have now been eradicated from my yard.  I hope.
And last but very certainly not least, hostas are blooming.
 Great Expectations
American Halo
Dream Queen (with Old Glory in the background that may bloom for the 4th)

I know, some of you don't get it.  It's those leaves, those color variations, the size, the ease of growing...

Tours on Sunday.  Call ahead, lol.  Yes, another person dropped by to see but I was busy and told her to come during the week.


  1. Everything looks great Denise. You sure do put some work into your garden. In case I don't talk to you before, Happy 4th to you.

    1. And have a great Canada Day. I have a temp tattoo of the Canadian Flag around here and was thinking of doing it on Wednesday if I remember.

  2. Those pictures are great! Gosh I wish I had your lawn and plants. What I've done seems pathetic in comparison. :P

    1. I've had over 40 years to get it together. And a ton has been done since I retired.

  3. What an amazing garden you have. The side garden with those feathery flowers looks like one could fall asleep on them. You have a bounty of wealth when it comes to plants. Are you on a garden tour? They have garden tours in my area for people who have a great ability to garden. If you are not on one, you should be. The rain on Saturday was just nutsy eh?

    1. They have never done a garden tour in my community in all the 43 years I ave lived here. I just came inside because it started to rain. Again.

  4. Wow, I can't imagine having a nice enough garden to be included on a tour, in spite of my best efforts. Congrats! Your street view is amazing--I love it!

    I adore daisies. I have some wild ones, and they make me smile whenever I see them.

    1. I agree about the daisies. They are so simple but they always make me feel good.


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