Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

I have finished all of my A to Z posts, with the first one already scheduled for 12:01 am EDT on Wednesday.  I have all my bonus posts done, too.

I think this was the hardest of the three years I have done A to Z, even though I did not write a lot of commentary.  The hard part was labeling all the pictures and deciding which ones to use, along with finding appropriate links.  Whew.

It did not leave a lot of time to regularly blog, but I am glad I am done, since next Sunday I am cooking Easter dinner and the following week-end we are having my grandson's first birthday party.

Since I made a leg of lamb for my oldest son's visit home last month, we are having baked ham for Easter.  New this year will be cipollini and apples with bacon.  I'll let you know what I think.  The complete menu is as follows:

Crab Cakes with Lemon Dressing 
Baked Ham with Chutney 
Potato Fennel Gratin 
Fennel and Orange Salad 
Peas with Mint 
Cippolini with Apples and Bacon 
Buttermilk Biscuits w Orange Butter 
Lemon Mousse Cake

I have also discovered that I can made buttermilk biscuits with one hand while I hold a teething youngster with the other.  Neat trick.  The biscuits are now frozen and will be baked on Sunday.  I also baked my lemon chiffon cakes today and will freeze them till Saturday.

Cold has returned to Michigan, but I am looking forward to a warm-up later this week.  The last few mornings I have heard the birds chirping at sunrise.  The only thing I can hear outside right now is the wind blowing.  Pretty strong out there, but the sun is trying to break through the clouds as they move through the sky.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday and looking forward to reading your A to Z posts.


  1. We have Easter next weekend and then a big party for my granddaughter on the following weekend.

  2. I have a couple of friends coming for Easter dinner on Saturday and lamb will be my main feature. My menu will not be a full as yours but as one of our guests is a very small eater so I think we will have plenty.

    1. Always do plenty so my boys can take home leftovers. But I am only going to use one of the cake layers for dessert. Those are the kind of leftovers we don't need too much of.

  3. Your menu sounds delicious. Love the way it begins and ends with lemon (my favorite). Looking forward to visiting Middle Earth during your A to Z. I'm lukewarm on The Lord of the Rings, but I adore The Hobbit and have reread it every year since I was eleven.

    VR Barkowski

    1. One of my children bought me a beautiful leather bound edition of 'The Hobbit' a few years ago to replace my worn out copy. I haven't wanted to open it and get it dirty, lol.

  4. I will not even tell you where I am with the A to Z but I am own fault. Your menu sounds divine so when can I come:) This sounds like something one finds at a 5 star restaurant and I am certain your family enjoys every bit of it

    1. And if my family doesn't relieve me of some baby-sitting on Friday, they will be eating hot dogs, lol. I have my meal plan work sheet all filled out.


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