Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A to Z in the Mesozoic

I've had lots of ideas for A to Z themes, but have used travel for each year I've participated.  Last year, while baby-sitting my grandson, I was introduced to the Dinosaur Train on PBS.  I thought it would be a cool theme to use one day.

I bought my grandson the book, Dinosaurs A to Z, even though he is too young to know his alphabet.  His birthday theme next week is 'dinosaur train'.  I am in charge of the herbivore and carnivore food stations.

Today, when the program started on TV, they were doing the hour-long show on dinosaurs A to Z.  With over 1,000 different dinosaurs identified, it is pretty easy to find enough for 26 in a song.  With the A to Z Challenge starting tomorrow, it seemed very appropriate.

Here is the finale of the show:


  1. Oh my goodness-my niece would have loved this when she was a little child. At first I thought it was Hekyl and Jekyl (can't recall how to spell them) but I am really dating myself besides they were crows. This was fun to listen to. tomorrow is the big day!

  2. I show this clip every day at my kindergarten school, haha. It's great. :) I also like the StoryBots, and Alphablocks, if you're looking for more ABC material for him to watch. :)

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  3. I really enjoyed all your a-z posts (Yes I read them backwards lol). There are some amazing photographs displayed.
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip


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