Friday, January 16, 2015

Me? Sentimental? Well, Maybe...

Yesterday a friend asked if I was sentimental.  I certainly do not think of myself that way.

But the fact is that I have saved cards my sons made me in grade school thirty years ago, including those coupon books where they promise to clean their room.  Oh, I'm still waiting for that to happen.  I also saved a lot of their story writing and homework, which I have given to them recently.  Now that they are older, they can relive their youth, lol.

The question of sentimentality arose when I mentioned that my grandson has been photographed in the clothes his Dad wore at the same age.  Yes, I saved a box of clothes too.  Not a lot of things as boys tend to make a wreck of many outfits.  But a few nice pieces survived.

My grandson is now nine months old and his Mother has been taking his picture in the same chair with the same toys for each month that passes.  Unfortunately, the shirt that goes with the jumper is badly yellowed after thirty-some odd years, so a different one was worn.  Here is Dad:

and son:

I've got the outfit from the one year photo shoot.  Just hoping that he will fit in it.

Sentimental?  Maybe so...


  1. Dad and son look like two peas from the same pod. They've both got matching toothless smiles too.
    I'll say, you are completely sentimental. But that's a grandmom's privilege.

    1. My daughter-in-law thinks the baby looks a lot like me. My son is the spitting image of his paternal great-grandfather. Go figure.

  2. I don't think of my mom as sentimental but she saved all our cards and notes and some outfits. When it was the outside world she was practical and business but when it came to us...all mush except when we better do as we were told or else:) Cute pictures

  3. Sounds pretty sentimental to me. But grandmas will be grandmas I guess.


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