Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vaduz

Vaduz, Liechtenstein.  I don't think I had ever thought about visiting this small principality before this trip was scheduled.  Apparently, the most exciting thing you can do here is pay to have your passport stamped.  Yes, pay.  I think it was three euros or maybe it was Swiss francs.  I can't really remember.

I must say that the shopping was quite nice.  I found some nice embroidered table cloths at a reasonable price.  It was one long strip mall in the city center.  Another stop on day eleven.

The shopping was across the mall from the Rathaus.

The royal residence sits atop the hill above the mall.

Here is a model of the castle in the town square:

There is a road that connects Liechtenstein to Switzerland and I heard a cute story about someone jumping back and forth between the two countries whilst walking on the road.  No one worries too much around there when it comes to crossing the border.

I did hear an interesting story about the Swiss Army out on maneuvers making a wrong turn and 'invading ' Liechtenstein.  A few hurried phone calls averted a potentially embarrassing incident.

My next three posts in A to Z will be more about history in Germany than about travel, though I will focus on places to see regarding the history of the 20th century.  I will end with a Z strictly for travel, though.

On my Bucket List:  Venezuela


  1. I vaguely remember going to Leichenstein long ago but I think It's time to go back as I can't remember exactly where we went! I do remember wanting to have my passport stamped though!

  2. Never made it there I'm afraid. The majority, but not all, of my European travels were restricted to the coast.

  3. Oh travelled through here by train-it seemed like it only took 10 minutes-hahaha. That story about the swiss army is funny

  4. My cousin just went there. I'm so jealous.


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