Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Stanserhorn

Stanserhorn, Switzerland.  Before I got there I had never even heard of it.  But while everyone else in Lucerne was heading to more popular peaks, I was heading up the mountains in a CabriO car.  Unable to take  a picture of the car, whilst in the car, I had to take one of the brochure.  But first we boarded a funicular (above) to take us the the transfer station.

The following photos of the trip up the mountain and the gorgeous views are all self-explanatory. Going up. Enjoy the ride.

On terra firma.

Looking down at the plaza.

Off hiking the mountain to visit Heidi.

Tip:  DO NOT take the 2 minute trip.  It is nearly straight up.  Of course, like an idiot, that is exactly what I did and then took the 20 minute walk down hill.

The view from the summit:

Me at the summit:

An old quarry seen on the way down:

After the hike a reward was in order:

Beautiful even in black and white:

Heading back down into the clouds on day eight:

On my Bucket List:  Sweden


  1. You taught me something about Switzerland, Denise! Next time I'll make a side trip to Stanserhorn. :-)

  2. I have heard about this train and the views. The home in the mountains just looks like it is calling to me. It is so strange that I am so drawn to the Alps and feel so at home because I have a phobic fear of heights. I can't go on the 3rd rung of a ladder without shaking. I always try to overcome it but I have had this all my life, even as a baby (my mom told me). I would definitely want to conquer my fear and take this trip-so beautiful

    1. I have also never liked heights, yet I am drawn to the mountains. Show me a mountain and I want to go up. I live in a ranch home and will not go on the roof. And I can only climb a ladder to about 12 feet. When I painted my house a few years ago, I hired someone to paint the peaks. It's so weird.

  3. Oh wow, look at those mountains! And that dessert, yummmm.

  4. How very lovely. Heidi used to be my favourite book as a child. Kind of forget about it though.

  5. Pretty! I love the shots of being on the mountain above the fog, looking down on that sea of white. . . the dessert ain't bad either! :D

    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed looking at your blog.


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