Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for the Jungfrau

On the way to 'I', for Interlaken (day 7), I passed 'J' for Jungfrau. Interlaken is nestled in the canton of Bern below the Bernese Alps, with the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau forming a wall above the town.

While the weather cleared by the time I reached the town, my one good view of the mountains was buried in the clouds.

So for this post, I've headed to Wikipedia for some clearer shots.

The Bernese Alps with the Eiger, Monch and the Jungfrau, on the right.  The mountain reaches 13,642 feet.


Credit for photo:  Source

File:2008 Jungfrau.jpg

The view from Interlaken, above.  Photo credit.

The one photo I took, below.  Oh, to have the luxury of waiting around for the clouds to clear.

On my Bucket List:  Japan


  1. The ogre, the monk, and the virgin. There's a story in those peaks! Again, one of my favorite places, Denise. So happy to be reading these posts. Thank you!

  2. Hubby went on a very similar trip by the sound of it. He loved Switzerland. I too would love to go to Japan, but not modern day Japan. I believe there are still pockets where people live like the Japanese and not like Westerners.

  3. Oh I looked at this yesterday and thought I responded but I must have had an interruption:) I love the mountains and especially the Alps. It makes me feel like I am home


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