Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Oscar Night

Oscar Night.  I have not watched the Oscar telecast (or any award show for that matter) for the last several years.  When I was growing up, and even into young adulthood, I was glued to the set.  I loved the movies.

As a youngster, my parents would take us to the Bel-Air drive-in.  I still remember seeing the movie 'Them'. Maybe that is why I hate seeing ants.

As I got older, parents in the neighborhood would take turns driving us kids to a theater on the east side called the Eastwood.  Sometimes we went on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons to see a double feature, previews, and a cartoon for a quarter.  Those were the good-old days for sure.

Later on, when I was in college, they built a theater within walking distance, but for some reason I have no idea what it was called.  I do remember there was an Arlan's Department store in the same plaza.  All of it was built on the site of the old Motor-City Speedway.  (The author of this article is right about hearing the noise.  You could watch midget racing on TV and listen to the sound in stereo if you kept your windows open.)

My love for the movies never ended.  Before I dropped my Netflix subscription I had reviewed over 1500 titles.

Several years ago they started having Oscar parties in downtown Detroit.  They are quite gala affairs with a dinner preceding the show and then a viewing of the Oscars on big screen TVs.

The one held at the Roostertail on the Detroit River (2000?) was my favorite, with a red carpet for the arriving guests.  I still remember walking up in this red velvet dress.

I still have that dress, along with another one I wore to one of the other parties in another year.  It is a Carmen Marc Valvo with a slit all the way up the leg and gorgeous trapunto stitching.  I know I could not fit in it today, but I just cannot part with it.

I wore it to my 1994 class reunion.  With any luck, I can get into it later this year for my 50th reunion.  Though I'm not sure about wearing something with that slit up to you know where.  Definitely not a dress for sitting down.

So, this evening, I will be watching Gravity.  Last night I watched Captain Phillips.  Even knowing the outcome, I was biting my nails and grinding my teeth.

I made one attempt to get to the local theater and see American Hustle, but the projector was broken and after waiting for half an hour I got a free pass and decided to come home.

I find that my tastes do not always coincide with the tastes of Academy members.  I've seen a lot of movies that won awards that I am sorry I wasted my money on.

Perhaps I should dress up and have a great meal while I watch the movie in the comfort of my home.  But then, when it comes to comfort, you can't beat your jammies.

It's just what my parents had us wear when we went to the drive-in.

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  1. I rented Gravity but although I used to be a devotee of the Oscars, can't be bothered any more. Too many 'in' jokes for me these days.


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