Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Super Snow Bowl

I knew we were going to be in for some bad weather when I woke up and saw this sky on Thursday morning.  (reminder to self to reset the clock on the camera from German time to USA time; the sun does not rise at 2:30 P.M.)

Nothing good every comes from red and purple skies.  Thursday was just cold.  I was dog-sitting and even he didn't enjoy being outdoors.  (I actually find myself looking for him while I sit here, but he returned home this afternoon.)

The Prelims:
Late Thursday afternoon I went to my son's house to get the mail and got stuck in his driveway.  So, on Friday, I went to his house to clean his driveway, after cleaning my own and going to yoga class.

And then the real snow started.

First Quarter:
Yesterday I watched Doppler radar and when I saw that the snow was soon to be replaced by sleet, I went out with my snowblower to clear the drive.  I was quite wet when I came back indoors.

After the sleet/ice started changing back to snow, I went out to shovel the snow-ice mess before it froze. And then later I went out to clean the snow after it pretty much slowed down.

Score:  Mother Nature 10, Me 0

Second Quarter:

I was up early this morning to clean the drive again.  Then after I had it cleaned, the neighbor's plow company moved all of his snow onto my property.   I cannot understand why this Township does not have an ordinance requiring companies to move snow onto the lawn of the person who had it in their driveway. NOT the neighbor's property.  See my mailbox.  That is not my snow.

So, with my drive done, I went off to my son's to clear the end of his driveway.  The plows that come through here and clean the streets deposit everything at the bottom of the driveways.  Cleaning his front took another hour of time.

Score:  Mother Nature with assist from Plow Trucks 20, Me 0

Third Quarter:

My son lives less than two miles away.  His neighborhood was plowed.  The street coming in from the main road to my sub was plowed, but my street wasn't.  I got stuck.  I finally got out of it, turned around in the next sub and tried another approach.  Home, finally, I called a subdivision association officer and asked why was our street not only covered with snow, but the two entrances were practically barricaded with drifts.  He promised help.

Thirty minutes later the street is cleared, but now the end of my driveway is covered in packed snow and ice.  No way is my front-wheel drive car going to get through that mess.  Grab the shovel and start cleaning.  It is now 10 A.M. and I have been moving snow for the better part of the three hours I have been awake and outside.

Score:  Mother Nature and plow trucks 30, Me minus 10 and falling fast.

Fourth Quarter:

Just as I finish the end of my drive, I see an elderly neighbor trying to clean the end of his.  I grab my shovel and go down there and start shoveling.  His mess is worse than mine.  Finally done I come home and take the dog for a short walk.  He likes the snow and doesn't want to come back inside.  I am frozen.  We have a tug of war.  I win.  At least in the 'doggy bowl'.  (In truth, I had to pick him up and carry him in.)

Remembering that I am out of gas for the snowblower, I drive to the nearest station.  Upon arriving home, another neighbor approaches to complain about the plow services burying his yard in snow while his neighbor's is virtually free of accumulation.  Do they pay extra to have it deposited in someone else's yard? Seems I am now enjoying the instant replay function as this sounds vaguely familiar.

I am beat.  I've pushed the snowblower, shoveled, chopped, spread salt.  I am sure I set some kind of yardage record for distance covered.  And you should have seen me throwing those shovelfuls of snow.  WOW.  What an arm.

All I know is that whatever the final score is, I lost this 'snow bowl' game.

I can enjoy this view from my garage before the next storm hits on Wednesday.  Or is it Tuesday?


  1. I am so glad I live in an apartment.

  2. The advantage of living at The End of the Road, out here in deep country, is that the plow turns around in front of our house. And sands. My husband checked about 1000 times before we bought the house to confirm that our 'driveway' is indeed town road.


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