Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Thanks goodness all the 'Doctor Who' reruns and specials ended last Sunday night.  Now I have time to run off and see 'Catching Fire'.  Or I could if I was not preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

I am doing quite well in that department.  My potato gratin and sweet potatoes are made and only have to be reheated tomorrow.  I used two quarts of my homemade chicken stock to make six cups of homemade turkey stock.  I sure hope this turkey gravy is worth the effort.

And speaking of turkey, today I will 'deconstruct' the bird.  I've sharpened my knives and meat cleaver.  I am all set to take the bird apart for cooking.  The stuffing is prepared and waiting to hit the oven.

My chocolate chiffon cakes are made and today I will prepare the Swiss buttercream frosting.  I think I will wait until tomorrow morning to put the Black Forest torte together so that the whipped cream frosting doesn't turn color.  But I will bake my pumpkin mascarpone pies today.

I hope everyone is hungry and hasn't binged this evening on filling foods.  I've read that Wednesday night is big business for bars and pizza joints offering carry-out.

And if you think my preparations involve a lot of work, remember that I do not think of it as 'work'.  It is something I love to do.  It is my way of saying 'thanks' to my family for just being who they are.

I have only once taken my family out to eat on Thanksgiving.  I do not remember why I had opted not to cook that year.  What I do remember is that I had food-poisoning, contracted the previous Sunday at a local restaurant, and was just miserable.  I was admitted to the hospital on Friday with severe dehydration.  Turns out I was infected with a bad case of campylobacter

I guess that in itself gives me not so pleasant memories of eating out.  That and the high cost with no leftovers to show for it.  Plus, being at home I get to spend the day enjoying their company without a bunch of strangers chattering and moving about.

So, before I hit the kitchen to start today's prep, let me wish all of my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And to those of you who are celebrating both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, a Happy Hanukkah.  To the rest of you, 'Thanks' for being a reader, a follower, or just an occasional visitor.  I hope your days are filled with many reasons to give 'Thanks'.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - all that food preparation has my admiration. I am no longer able to do so much with food, I can't stand for very long. I hope your family are suitably appreciative.

    We occasionally go out for Christmas, but not much fun on our own although the food is wonderful at the place we go too. Still, as you say, no leftovers.


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