Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who are You? You Whovian?

It's Halloween tomorrow.  I have no plans to dress up.  But just in case I was looking for a costume idea, I took this little quiz to find out who I would be in the Doctor Who universe. 

I am not amused by finding out I would be The Master.  Then again, I think the Weeping Angels are the scariest creatues in that universe, but The Master?  Evil personified. 

Their description of The MASTER:  You like to control everything - and we mean everything! You've probably organized your impressive home with an obsessive flair. You're most often glued to your smartphone (don't own one- too busy stuck here at the computer), with your head in a dozen projects at once. You are whip-cracking smart and super-ambitious, with your sights set on the stars and nothing less.
Beware - your tireless ambition can lure you towards greed and vanity (sharpest knife in the drawer). Remember to relax and share a cup with us plain old humans once in a while!

Take the quiz.  Even if you have no idea what I am talking about and have never watched Doctor Who, you will end up with a quick personality assessment.  I think.

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