Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Aftermath

I've conquered the jet lag.  Good thing, since in two weeks we have to move our clocks back and I'll be dealing with similar issues again.

I've downloaded my photos.  More than 1,000.  Thank goodness I was deleting photos as I went along on my trip or I would be cataloguing 2,000+.

I have all the photos in separate folders, by city, and in chronological order.  Now I need to label all of them.  That will be the BIG challenge.  Can I remember what everything is?  If not, I will resort to Google.

Speaking of Google, I searched for all those 'self-important' folks on my trip.  Imagine not being able to find even one of them in a search.  Wait, I did find one, an attorney in Australia.  But the others?  Nothing.  Google my name and you will get lots of hits and find out some stuff about me that is not even correct, such as that I was the treasurer of West Bloomfield High School and a trustee there.  Proves that you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

I managed to keep up with my regular schedule this week.  I even enjoyed a relaxing massage after one of my yoga classes. 

The only post I made while I was gone was after my drive through northern Italy into southern Switzerland.  Here is a photo of Lake Maggiore (I think).  Those are the Italian Alps in the background.

And this shot is somewhere between Como, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland (I'm thinking GPS on my camera might be a good idea):

Truth be told, I would happily throw some clothes in a bag and take off again.  Even with the jet lag and obnoxious travelers.

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