Monday, September 2, 2013

"What are you in here for?" "Peanut butter."

My youngest son and his wife stopped by yesterday for dinner.  Somehow we got on the topic of allergies and then schools, in a very round-about way of course, and I mentioned that the high school he went to is 'peanut free'.

They both looked at me as if I had suddenly sprouted antennae.  Peanut free?  What's that?

I explained about some schools not allowing children to bring peanuts into school because of allergies. 

Let me say that the only food allergy I have is to bananas.  An enzyme in raw bananas does a real number on my digestive system.  My three sons have no allergies whatsoever, food or environmental.

There was a recent article here in the papers about parents demanding that every school be 'nut free'.  And I know of one woman who was yelled at for having peanuts in her vending machines at her place of business.

Personally, I cannot understand all these food allergies which did not seem to exist when I was younger.  Kids nowadays can't eats nuts, grains, dairy, etc.  I have adult friends whom I think have convinced themselves they have food sensitivities since there is not medical indications of a problem.

Anyway, we started joking around about kids no longer being expelled for drugs or cigarettes in school.  Now it will be peanut butter. 

Boys in the bathroom stalls exchanging the 'good stuff':  extra-crunchy.  "Ya got the goods?"  "How much?"  "I'll trade you my Jif Creamy and a Snickers mini for your Skippy Extra Crunchy on Wonder bread."

If expelled to the alternative school for kids with 'problems', the conversation could go like this:  "I'm in here for skipping school.  What are you in here for?"  "Peanut Butter"

When I was a kid we drank from the hose, played in the dirt, ate at whatever house we happened to be at at lunch time, and survived till this day.  Now parents are making their own baby food and restricting everything their kids eat and every place they go.  No wonder they have no immunity and end up allergic to everything. 

Just my opinion, of course.  Pass the peanut butter.  Extra crunchy!


  1. My childhood was the same, but I have been told that genetic tinkering with peanuts have made kids allergic to them. I do agree that over protecting their eating will make them susceptible though.

  2. Shaking my head, just shaking my head.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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