Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Call me a real trooper.  I just returned from a lecture on growing 90 degree heat, outside.  OK, we were under a gazebo, but it was still darned hot.

I have thirteen hydrangeas in my yard.  Right now the Quick Fire hydrangeas are blooming their little buds out.  This creamy white turns to a deeper pink as the season goes on.  Enjoy the photos.

 Pink is just starting.


  1. When we lived in North Carolina there were hydrangeas growing all over the place except in my yard. I could NOT grow them, tried everything. Teed me off.

    Yours look lovely.

  2. I cannot grow butterfly bushes. They always die. My sister who lives 35 minutes east of me cannot control their growth. Go figure.

  3. Wow, yours are really blooming,gorgeous.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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