Friday, July 12, 2013

An Afternoon of Venting

It was supposed to be a quick trip to a local warehouse club to pick up my free gift card.  Hey, I am not one to pass up $5.00 free so I can spend $50.  What a marketing device they have come up with.

Anyway, I was actually done with my shopping and checking out the free baked goods.  The triple chocolate bundt cake was fantastic.  Definitely not something I should buy and take home.  I wandered over to the other table and sampled the lemon bundt cake.  It too was good. 

While I was standing there, someone in another part of the store started yelling that those folks who had white coupons only had 30 seconds to get their free gift (I passed on the free flashlight).  She was very loud and the clerk at the cake table mumbled something about 'could she be a little louder'.  I laughed.  I said she was nothing compared to the guy a few weeks earlier who had a microphone and was selling knives.  I had to finish my shopping and leave because he was so obnoxious.

The employee said that she not only remembered him, but that she complained to his partner that it was too loud.  They told her they need to do that to get attention.  Well, they got my attention and I left the store.

We then set out to vent for about 20 minutes.  Loud music in the stores or beauty shops.  She did not understand why anyone was still listening to rap music.  Still?  Why did they start?  She hated boom boxes in the cars.

We complained about our next door neighbors and the fact they they do not maintain their properties.  She said if they want to live like pigs they should move to the country.  Amen.

I then mentioned my blog about AWFs.  She lives in Southfield and said they are going through the same thing.  Both she and her neighbor have been calling the police.  It still goes on.  She said no one has any respect for anyone else.  Amen again.

We also discovered that she grew up near where I was born in Detroit.  We both ended up agreeing that we are headed on the wrong course in this state and country and nothing good will come of it. 

We thanked each other for allowing us to vent.  Next time I'm there I'll be looking to say 'hi'.  I was refreshed when  I walked out of the store.  It was almost better than blogging.


  1. It's nice to find someone to have a good grouse with, especially when you agree with one another.

  2. This made me smile but wow, you had to leave because the guy was annoying with a microphone, now that is bad selling, you got to have the right mix.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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