Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

Cold.  The sun is shining, but it is cold.  Is it supposed to be in the 40's in June? 

Well, it was a nice morning to walk in the garden, though much of it is still too wet to walk on.  Fortunately, I can maneuver on pathways and get around.

I am still trying to keep a bloom diary, but things are moving much slower than last year.  Still and all, I found some pleasant sights.

Last year I moved some irises that had not bloomed in like 'forever'.  Two varieties are doing well. 

A beautiful gold named 'Silence' and an almost pure white named 'Cup Race are doing well.  

My wisteria 'Amethyst Falls' has really taken off.  I am tempted to find a place to add a second one to the yard.  It would look even nicer if I ever stained my side of the neighbor's fence.
The Siberian iris are blooming in front of a nice ninebark.
The high bush cranberry viburnum are filling out across the back and provide a nice barrier to keep the deer out.  And the Kousa dogwood is nice this year, too.

 Off to plant a new hibiscus.  Mine are just emerging from the ground.  Weather here may be cool, but it is great for working outside.


  1. All looks lovely. I don't like gardening, but I always enjoyed having a lovely one. Luckily at my last house in the UK I had a gardener, he worked for the company and did our yard too. He even made me an asparagus bed.


  2. Beautiful flowers. We've got real summer here, with lots of rain, so the gardens should be lovely.


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