Friday, May 31, 2013

What's Bloomin'

We have been having a ton of rain.  Inches and inches.  I rushed home from yoga, fired up the lawn mower, and cut the front grass before the next deluge came.  With more rain on the way, I am not sure when I will get into the back yard to cut.

This morning I ran out with my camera to get a few photos of what is blooming.  While the flowers are taking longer to open, the hostas are enjoying this cool damp weather at night and not burning up as they did last year in the heat.

Here is the first rose of summer and a few other bloomers:

Columbine clumps:

The first of the irises to open:

The wisteria vine just starting to open:
So far, it looks to be a good years for the plantings.  

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