Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pinterest Frustration

This will be my last post before I start the A to Z Challenge on Monday.  I've written A - L, but last night, while trying to write 'M', the Pinterest 'embed' code disappeared.

First off, I opened my Pinterest account and saw a whole slew of photos from boards that I do not follow.  I ended up deleting all the boards I do follow, and that seemed to get rid of everything else that shouldn't have been there.  I then went back and added a few boards, but I decided that for now I will just check boards I enjoy for new pins.

Meanwhile, I tried writing my next post for the challenge and when I tried to get the 'embed' code I got directed to a page for setting up a business Pinterest page. 

I followed all of the Pinterest suggestions for correcting the problem, but had no luck.  So, now when I want a picture I guess I will have to 'copy and paste' and provide some kind of link.

As for the challenge itself, I have been browsing other blog pages trying to see who I want to visit over the next month.  It has not been easy to find five bloggers I want to follow, but I did find three so far. 

Tomorrow I will be busy with family.  I have my coconut cake made and my lamb shanks.  But I still have a lot of last minute type things that I cannot prepare ahead of time which is due to my own poor planning. 

The weather appears to be improving for tomorrow, but we are back to cold temps for Monday and maybe some snow on Tuesday.  I had to spray for the deer this afternoon as two of them managed to push through the deer netting.  I'll have to get out there and get it repaired when the weather improves.

The latest Doctor Who starts in ten minutes, so I will finish this and get myself comfy in front of the TV.  If you are celebrating Easter tomorrow, have a beautiful day.


  1. Maybe it was the purple flowering bonsai tree that clinched the deal, but I have nominated your blog for an award. See :)

  2. I'm having the same problem with Pinterest. Not happy! Have a very happy Easter.


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