Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If I won the Lottery

People always talk about what they would do if they won the lottery.  Since I have purchased probably less than 20 lottery tickets in my lifetime, my chances are not very good.  But, if I did win, I do know at least one thing I would do - I would buy an Aston Martin DB9.  This year Aston Martin is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

 2013 Aston Martin DB9 side view

Is that not the most beautiful car you have ever seen?  Well, that is my opinion of course.  A car with 510 HP.  Of course, I could never drive it around here.  I'd be terrified to take it out on the roads and through the roundabouts. 

I love to watch them test drive the cars on Top Gear.  They are always out on some country road, whether in England or another European country, and there are very few cars around.  What a treat.

I did have that experience once in my life.  Back in 1994 all three of my sons were off on summer trips at the same time.  One to Interlocken for band camp, one to Yellowstone with the Boy Scouts, and one went with his father to see his grandmother at her summer home.  I took off in my 1993 Jaguar XJ-6 for my own week of adventure.

I drove across the Blue Water Bridge into Ontario and headed for Tobermory.  From there I took the ferry to Manitoulin Island.   I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast.  My plan was to spend the week hiking and climbing the Niagara Escarpment.

There was no cell phone reception.  No television.  No worries.  And I never saw a patrol car.  I took my Jag on those open roads and drove.  I don't think I even went over 90 mph, but what a treat to be on an open road in the country.  And the Jag was a wonderful car to drive when it wasn't having electrical issues.  (At one point during my ownership I was actually sitting in the dealership crying.)

But I digress.  This DB9 is a car for the pure enjoyment of driving.  Not something you haul the kids around in or take to Costco.  I would likely just sit and look at it.

If I won the lottery...

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  1. Yes. There is always life after retirement. Age is just a number and being young is an attitude. It doesn't mean that if you'll retire the road ends there. No.It's just a start of an another journey.


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