Monday, March 4, 2013

Alphabet Soup

I was recently watching an old episode of 'Monk'.  He was sick in bed and Natalie made him some soup.  He asked what it was and she said, 'alphabet soup'.  She then told him that he did not have to eat the letters in order.  If you are a fan of the old shows, you know exactly how difficult that would be for him to avoid.  Who of us as a child did not remove the letters from the soup and try to spell a word?

Learning the alphabet is always a big accomplishment for a child.  We have blocks with letters on them and we learn to sing the alphabet song.  Everything from A to Z.

While reading the blog 'Buttercup Counts her Blessings', she mentioned the 'Blogging from A to Z Challenge' in April.  After looking over the rules, I decided to sign up.  My blog number is 893.

The premise is simple:  Blog everyday but Sunday following the letters of the alphabet, with that letter as the theme.  I already have ideas.  Then again I always have ideas, I just don't sit down here at the computer and write the blog.  This will force me to do it since a missed day means being removed from the blog list.

I like the alphabet idea.  When my sons were born, I made each of them a wall hanging with their names in needlepoint.  Each letter had a symbol along with it.  I have no idea what Mark and Scott did with theirs, but I still have Jason's here in the house. 

J- Jack-in-the-box
A- Apple
S- Seal
O- Owl
N- Night time

Frankly, I cannot remember being that clever and artistic, but I do remember drawing them out myself before starting the needlepoint.  Not that the artwork will win any contests.  And I wonder where I found the time.

The blog challenge begins on April 1.  I have some themes already written on the calendar.  I think those that have themed blogs, such as just food or travel, may have an easier time of it than those of us who blog about just anything.  I'll try to make the posts timely and interesting.  Wish me luck.

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