Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forgotten Snippets

I sat down here at the computer several times today expecting to write a blog post.  Then I couldn't decide what to write about.  Just too many ideas were swimming around in my head.

Last September I started a post titled 'popping pills and gulping caffeine'. And then forgot to finish it.  Here it is in an updated version:

1)  Am I the only person who can't seem to remember?  Last week my dental hygienist asked if I flossed every day.  I told her I did if I remembered.  This is harder than she can imagine.

I have figured out that I only take my medications ten months of the year.  At least once a week, I forget to take my pills after breakfast.  I do better with the pill when I first wake up and the one before I go to bed.  Just now when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and floss, I saw my mid-morning pills still sitting on the bathroom counter where I placed them this morning.  And then forgot to take them.  I think I flossed this morning, but I wouldn't bet on it. 

I've considered hanging a checklist in the bathroom, but then it would just be one more thing I'd have to remember to do.  Besides, I'm writing a post now that I started last September.

2)  From 2000 until 2007, I gave up drinking coffee.  After my leg surgery in 2007, the nurse suggested I drink coffee to help with the pain of recovery.  I had a 4-cup drip coffee pot which I took out of the pantry and started using again. 

Once I was back on both of my feet, I decided to get back in the habit of grinding fresh beans, but could not find the grinder.  I bought another one, and then found the old one a few months later.  In the pantry.  (must be related to memory, or lack thereof) 

I got very fond of Kona Coffee beans.  My morning routine was to grind the beans, drink two cups of coffee, and read my newspaper.  I loved it.  But Kona beans got harder to find and more expensive every time I shopped.  And grinding every day got to be a drag.  So, I started looking at single-cup brewers.

I was very skeptical about making the purchase.  But the single-cup Keurig would allow me to make a good cup of coffee without grinding.  And, if I wanted a cup of decaf after dinner, I wouldn't have to worry about having a bag of fresh decaf in the house.

I bought the Keurig, and I have been happy.  I tried several different K-cups and found a few that I like.  Unfortunately, K-cup Kona is a thing of the past for now.  But I found others I enjoy.  And I still can buy the Kona beans and grind them, then use them in the Keurig.

I have also discovered that I now only drink one cup of coffee.  I don't make three or four cups and feel that I need to drink them.  And I am usually satisfied with just one cup.

I have yet to forget to make coffee in the morning.  That much I can remember.  Then again, one day I forgot to put the K-cup in the machine and watched hot water pour into the cup.  I think I have my fair share of 'senior moments'.

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